Vice Governor Idris Rahim Opens The Training of LPPD Formulation

Vice Governor H.Idris Rahim delivered a speech at the Opening of the Training of LPPD Formulation at Panua Building, Pohuwato Regent’s Office, Tuesday (March 2nd 2021). (Photo : Haris)

CITY, Vice Governor Idris Rahim opens the Training of LPPD Formulation for 2020 year at Panua Building, Pohuwato Regent’s Office, Tuesday (March 2nd 2021)

Idris expressed on his speech that how important to do the LPPD formulation suitable with the condition and determined regulation. Vice Governor also added that in formulating the LPPD must be focus on performance indicator, data element and other supporting datas.

“even we get the high score at previous, it is possible if it will be step down, it will depend on the quality of ourreport,” Idris uttered.

The LPPD Formulation is such a local government responsibility based on government regulation (PP)number 3, year 2007 concerning Report andImplementation Evaluation of Local Government about LPPD,LKPJ,RLPPD and EPPD.

I may count seven reports annually that must be arranged with transparency, accountability, accuracy and objective,” Vice Governor uttered.

But in the meanwhile, The Provincial Government and People’s Welfare Bureau, Sriwahyuni D. Matona on his report expressed that the LPPD assessment has been increased. On year 2017 Gorontalo LPPD reached 2.7765 score, it has been increased become 2.9344 on year 2018.

“LPPD in 2018 get the high performance status and for LPPD year 2019 is still waiting for the result from Indonesian Ministry and Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

: Haris

Translated by : Fera Katili


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