Twice Failed at Being a Soldier, Now He is being a Governor

Gorontalo Governor, Rusli Habibie conducted a hand-shaking with a guardian of students Diktuba Bintara Polri at SPN Polda Gorontalo. (Photo : Salman -Humas)

GORONTALO REGENCY, Public Relation – Gorontalo Gov. Rusli Habibie conducted a motivation to 199 students at SPN , Tabongo Sub-district, Gorontalo Regency, Tuesday (6/11/2018).

Rusli encouraged all the SPN students to be grateful to Allah due to accepted being a soldier. It is not a piece of cake to be accepted being a soldier

“I was twice entering for a soldier, At the past TNI and POLRI were joined, Unfortunately, I was failed because of hemorrhoid, a diasease that I hadn’t felt up till now, Rusli told.

Gorontalo Gov. Rusli Habibie (5th left) accompanied by the Head of the Provincial Police, Brigjenpol Rachmat Fudail (4th left. (Photo : Salman – Humas)

Rusli sent a message in front of the students of BIntara to keep POLRI in a good image, not involving in a criminality, no drunk, no drug and gambling or any negative way and so on.

On that occasion, accompanying Mr. Governor, there was Brigjenpol Rachmat Fudail, the Head of the Provincial Police.

Reporter : Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili

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