The Governor of Gorontalo Opened Karawo Festival 2017

The Governor of Gorontalo, Rusli Habibie delivered speech on the Opening of the Karawo Festival 2017 at Taruna Remaja, Gorontalo City, Saturday (25/11).

GORONTALO – The Governor of Gorontalo officially opened the Karawo Festival 2017 at Taruna Remaja, Gorontalo City, Saturday (25/11). For the 7th year of the Karawo Festival not only participated by the government agencies and banking company in Gorontalo but also participated by the Regional Governments all over Sulawesi like Parigi Moutong Regency and Buol Central Sulawesi Regency, Manado City and Tomohon City North Sulawesi.

The Governor of Gorontalo, on his speech appreciated Bank of Indonesia Gorontalo for their hard work and consistency in this annual event to do promoting and some coaching to the craftmen-women included in holding this Karawo Festival. Accordingly, karawo is more popular and an increasingly demand in the world.

“Many of craftmen-women has run out of fabrics for making Karawo and for the design also currently much more better and for the fabrics and price also increasing, as Dekranasda reported,” Rusli uttered.

In supporting the Karawo craftmen-women to make them more productive, Rusli acknowledged to plot the APBD budget focusing on the craftmen-women. And for the Vocational High School students should be coached how to embroider and to produce karawo fabric in high quality level.

“Next year we will set the budget focusing on tools, fabrics to help craftmen-women, even for the Vocational High School students will be coached how to embroider karawo,” He remarked.

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The Performance of Karawo Festival 2017, Karawo embroidery mixed variety of costume design and performing art from the participants.

In the meantime, Bank of Indonesia Gorontalo’s Head, Suryono expressed that so many efforts have been doing to promote Karawo. On early year Karawo joined the Indonesian Fashion Week, For the first time Karawo fabric performed at the International event titled New York Fashion Week, last September.

“We will send delegate for the New York Know 2018. That will be an international event which is flocked by all embroideries from all over the world. They will select the best embroidery in Indonesia, We do hope Insya Allah Karawo may join that international event,” Suryono affirmed.

Rain doesn’t stop thousands of people join the Karawo festival parade route which started from the Governor’s residence and finished at Bank of Indonesia Gorontalo office.

Reporter : Ecyhin
Editor : Isam
Photographer : Salman
Translated by : Fera


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