The Closure of Four Border Points on Gorontalo Land Route will be Extended Starting 5pm-8am

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie, acts like a speaker on local TV channel, Sunday (March 29th,2020). He delivered that his side has a Policy Limited Isolation for people who come and go out of the Gorontalo Province, in order to avoid against the COVID-19 transmission

GORONTALO CITY, Public Relations – Gorontalo Provincial Administration officially extended the closure of four border points on Gorontalo land route. For information it was formerly closed start from 6 pm-6 am. But, in order to prevent the COVID-19 the schedule will be extended from 5pm-8am starting on Monday (March 30th,2020).

“We will commit the closure gradually. So, start on tomorrow (Monday) there will be 9 hours period time left, the borders will be available opened. This policy was taken in order to minimize residents activities come and go out of Gorontalo that could trigger the transmission of COVID-19 . Governor Rusli also added that if the escalation is getting worse, his side will totally close the entry access . And for the foreigners who areentering Gorontalo effectively closed on March 31st, 2020.

Regarding for Gorontaloans who are in outside of Gorontalo Province now, for the time being, Governor Rusli Habibie urge not to do home-coming to Gorontalo in preventing the spread of COVID-19 transmission.

“Today we are open for isolation room at Campus I on Provincial Human Resources Development and Training Agency, priority for Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI),” Governor added.

“There are 6 (six) workers were isolated there, during 14 days , we will monitor whether they are infected COVID-19 or not. It doesn’t mean that they are confirmed positive of COVID-19,” Governor continued.

Gorontalo Provincial Administration also enhanced the precaution on four border points by Rapid Test for residents who come and go. Not only for residents who come and go by land route but also for passengers at Djalaluddin Airport. “We need Rapid Test because it can let us know the result fast.” Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie expressed.

Reporter: Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili

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