Rusli Went on Pilgrimage to His Father’Grave, Kneeling at His Mother’s feet

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie kisses his mother’s hand, Marie Sidiki during Eid al-Fitr, Thursday (13/5/2021). The governor of the two periods is so grateful that he can still kiss his mother’s hand on an eid al-fitr day. (Photo: Salman)

CiTY, Kominfo – Eid Al-Fitr is warmly welcomed by Muslims all around the world. Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie is no exception, along with his wife Idah Syahidah and their children.

The first moment of Syawal 1442 H was used for a pilgrimage to the grave of his late father Hamzah Habibie in East City sub-district, Gorontalo City and visiting Marie Sidiki’s mother in Tilongkabila, Bone Bolango, Thursday (13/5/2021).

When visited, the mother, Marie Sidiki, was unfit. Her condition is limp with her left hand attached to the infusion. Rusli is such so grateful that he can still kiss his mother’s hands and forehead on an eid al-fitr day.

Governor Rusli and his family previously held Ied prayers at the Governor’s residence. The prayer was attended by dozens of congregations led by the imam Ustadz Ismail Langaso and the preacher Hi. Yaser Araf Dama.

“This is my annual agenda with all my family. We pilgrimage to my father’s grave and apologize to our mother and relatives. This is the Eid al-Fitr moment that we have been waiting for, we forgive each other and share happiness, ” Rusli expressed.

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie together with his wife and their children went on pilgrimage to the grave of his late father Hamzah Habibie at the family cemetery of Tamalate Village, East City sub-district, Gorontalo City, Thursday (13/5/2021). Rusli took advantage of Eid al-Fitr by making a pilgrimage to the family grave and visiting his parents and relatives. (Photo: Salman).

Unlike the Eid al-Fitr celebration in the previous year, it has been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit that there’s no Open House held at the Governor’ residence. Governor Rusli usually opens the door widely to entertain guests from Forkopimda elements, officials and ASN throughout Gorontalo as well as the general public

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Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie (first line, 2nd left) during the Eid al-Fitr prayer at the Governor’s residence, Thursday (13/5/2021). The prayer was led by Ustadz Ismail Langaso and khatib Hi. Yaser Arafat Dama. (Photo: Salman).

“We just follow and obey the directions from the central government. Now it’s a pandemic, so no open house for celebration. Gathering can be conducted by cell phones and hopefully it doesn’t reduce the meaning of ied al-fitr , “Rusli added.

On behalf of the Gorontalo Government, Governor Rusli’s personal and family did not forget to convey the Eid al-Fitr congratulations to all his people. He apologized if there were mistakes in words and deeds so far.

Reporter : Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili


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