Provincial Administration Monitors Public Transport Driver Vaccination Cards

Police officers inspecting the Vaccination Certificate for motorcyclists, cars, and motorists while crossing the road at Telaga Terminal, Gorontalo Regency, Monday (6/9/2021). (photo – Dishub)

City, Kominfotik – The Provincial Administration (Pemprov) has begun to tighten the inspection of vaccination cards for public transport drivers, as a condition for driving in Gorontalo. The inspection was carried out by the Provincial Transportation Service in collaboration with the TNI/Polri, Satpol PP, BPBD on roads around the Youth Youth Field and around the Telaga Terminal, Gorontalo Regency, Monday (6/9/2021).

Head of the  Provincial Transportation Service, Jamal Nganro, conveyed that this was following up with the Gorontalo Governor’s circular letter No. 360/BPBD/1003/2021 regarding the instructions for implementing people’s travel by using land public transportation in the Gorontalo Province during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes controlling/controlling vaccination cards for bentor drivers (conventional and online), online motorcycle taxis, and other public transportation such as AKAP, AKDP, shuttle transportation, special rental transportation and public rental transportation.

We did this for the first time on September 2nd, and today on September 6th, we take a point around the Telaga terminal,” Jamal expressed.  His ranks also continued, specifically at the Telaga Terminal, it was found that 24 vehicle drivers who were caught did not have a vaccination card and most of them were drivers of city transportation within the province (AKDP) as many as 13 people.

Vaccination officer from Biddokes Polda Gorontalo, while vaccinating land transport drivers who have not been vaccinated.

“And those who did not have a vaccine card were immediately directed to enter the Telaga Terminal to be vaccinated by the vaccination officer from the Gorontalo Regional Police Biddokes. So we have provided a medical team to vaccinate if anyone has not been vaccinated,” he added.

The ojek and bentor drivers or drivers who will be vaccinated are checked first by health workers, if they do not meet health requirements or are found to be comorbid, they will be postponed. There were two drivers who had to be delayed due to health reasons.

Reporter : Echin
Editor : Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili

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