On the 81st Commemoration of Patriotic Day in Gorontalo, the Acting Governor acts as a Ceremony Inspector

At the Peak of the Patriotic Day, the Acting Governor Hamka Hendra Noer accompanied by the chairwoman of the Provincial PKK and the rank of Gorontalo Leaders Forum (Forkopimda) at the Bone Bolango Regent Office’s yard on January 23rd 2023. (Photo : Nova)

Bone Bolango Regency, Kominfotik, The Acting Gorontalo Governor Hamka Hendra Noer led the Commemoration of Patriotic Day Ceremony at the Bone Bolango Regent Office’s courtyard on January 23rd 2023.

Acts as Ceremonial Officer Major Inf Ekhsan Sobari, daily position of Pasi 109 Kodim 1304 Gorontalo.  The Commander of the Ceremony was led by Lt. Col. CHB Rahmad, the position of Dandenhub Korem 133/NWB.

Raising the red and white flag followed by the anthem of Indonesia Raya and a moment of silence, the patriotic day ceremony also was followed by reading of the Pancasila text led by the Inspector , the reading of the 1945 Constitution by Zikal Hasan,, and the reading of Patriotic Cross History by Rahmat Mohamad, Pemuda Pancasila organization.

The Acting Governor conveyed that this year’s Patriotic Day commemoration was carried out in a different way from the previous year due to the location of the of the ceremony which is currently being held in Bone Bolango Regency, as a cross-historical area for the struggle of National Hero, Nani Wartabone.  Furthermore, this Patriotic Day ceremony will be rotated to other Regencies or City.

Hamka Hendra Noer also concluded that the spirit of National Hero Nani Wartabone who bravely drove the colonist out from Gorontalo and also raised the red and white flag in our homeland, Gorontalo at that time, we need to preserve it and the do always put the spirit into our daily life.

After the ceremony, the red and white flag with a length of 23 meters was unfurled by the Kirab participants and the acting Governor Hamka Hendra Noer also handed over the certificate of appreciation to whom were represented as heirs of  january 23rd 1942 patriotists, continuing with watching the historical documentary completed the series of commemoration activities for January 23, 1942.

Reporter : Echin

Editor : Isham

Translated by : Fera Katili

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