KOMINDA, the Provincial Intelligence Community Accelerate Door to Door Concept of Vaccination

Vice Governor H. Idris Rahim (left), hands over a gift to a resident who participated in the door to door vaccination held by the Provincial Kominda in Bongo Village, Batudaa Pantai Sub-District, Gorontalo Regency, Wednesday (15/9/2021). (Photo: Haris)

GORONTALO REGENCY, Kominfotik – The Provincial Intelligence Community (Kominda) held a mass vaccination in Bongo Village, Batudaa Pantai Sub-District, Gorontalo Regency, Wednesday (15/9/2021). The vaccination was held with two concepts, namely centrally and door to door to resident’ s homes

“On behalf of the Provincial administration, I appreciate Kominda’s efforts in supporting the acceleration of vaccination. Especially with this concept, door to door vaccination, this is an innovation and a breakthrough to bring services closer to the community,” vice governor H. Idris Rahim conveyed this after monitoring door to door vaccinations.

The Head of the Provincial Intelligence Agency (Binda) Suryono expressed that door-to-door vaccination was one of his party’s ways in order to achieve the target instructed by BIN (National Intelligence Agency) to accelerate vaccination in the regions. And for Kominda Gorontalo was targetted 20 thousand residents for vaccination until December 2021.

BIN gave us a target to vaccinate 20,000 residents by the end of this year. Therefore, apart from centralized vaccination, we are also developing the concept of door-to-door vaccination,”Suryono expressed.

Suryono also added, specifically for the vaccination fair in Bongo Village, his party targets 1,200 people to participate, consists of a centralized vaccination in the SMP Negeri 2 Batudaa Pantai’s yard for 1,000 students and the residents, as well as door-to-door vaccination which is estimated to reach 200 people. “Our target is 1,000 people per day, but specifically in Bongo Village, we are targeting 1,200 residents because the community is very enthusiastic about this vaccinations,” he explained. During the vaccination fair, Kominda Gorontalo collaborated with the Provincial Health Office, Gorontalo Regency Health Office, Gorontalo Port Health Office, and Batudaa Pantai Health Center, in providing vaccination services. Vaccination activities are also supported by two units of Binda Gorontalo vaccination cars.

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Reporter : Haris
Translated by : Fera Katili


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