Idah Syahidah Encourages Public to Do Vaccinations for Children in an Event of a Mass Circumcision

The Chairwoman of the Provincial PKK, while attending the mass circumcision held by the Bapera Gorontalo Regency, Kayu Merah Village, Sunday (5/9/2021) which took place in the Kayu Merah Village Office Hall, Limboto. (Photo – Adlan)

Gorontalo Regency, Kominfotik – The Chairwoman of the Provincial PKK, Idah Syahidah attended a mass circumcision held by the Nusantara Youth Agency (Bapera) of Gorontalo Regency, Kayu Merah Village, in collaboration with KNPI Gorontalo Province, Sunday (5/9/2021) which took place at the Kayu Merah Village Office Hall, Limboto

Idah delivered on her speech that she was very grateful for the initiative of the Bapera youth in Kayu Merah Village who organized this social activity. According to her circumcision is an obligation for Muslims, especially for boys.

“It is a matter of pride for all of us that there is a youth achievement whose name is Bapera, which means the ranks of the archipelago’s youth, where Bapera also takes part in activities that are in synergy with the government and currently the activities carried out are very noble, for free circumcision, “Idah conveyed.

Idah also added that she was very happy with the enthusiasm of the children who came with their parents for this mass circumcision. She expressed that there should be more than this for sure those who want to participate, but because the situation is still the covid-19 pandemic is limited by the organizing committee

I am totally touched that in this pandemic situation, you are still doing a social care group.

“I am sure that there must be many children who want to join but we have to limit it  based on health protocols,” the governor’s wife added.

Idah Syahidah, a member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII also advised to all children who were present at the mass circumcision in order to don’t forget to vaccinate. According to Idah those present were definitely over the age of 12 and the government is currently launching a vaccination program for children aged 12-17.

“My children, after being circumcised, don’t forget to get vaccinated, okay? The vaccine is there for you. Vaccines are healthy, don’t be afraid. For parents also please follow the vaccination. Not only children. Because the condition is that if you want to go to school, students, teachers and parents must be vaccinated. Just believe that vaccines are our effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 transmission,”  Idah concluded.

The implementation of this mass circumcision was attended by approximately 43 children. On that occasion, Idah gave gifts in the form of gloves and nutritious food for the children who attended.

Reporter : Echin/Adlan
Translated by : Fera Katili

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