Governor Officially Inaugurated Two Echelon- II

The acting Gorontalo Governor Hamka Hendra Noer in the middle of an Inauguration of two echelon II and the handover ceremony on Friday (17/3/2023). Photo by – Fikry

The acting Gorontalo There are two echelon II officials will be inaugurated by the acting Gorontalo Governor Hamka Hendra Noer. Those are the provincial investment and one door integrated service ‘s Head (PTSP), Danial Ibrahim and the provincial Health Office’s Head (Dinkes) dr. Anang Otoluwa on Friday (17/3/2023).

Danial Ibrahim replaced  Faizal Lamakaraka the previous
PTSP’s Head and  dr. Anang Otoluwa replaced dr. Yana Yanti Suleman as
the provincial Health Office’s Head (Dinkes)

Hamka expressed the reason why that  this replacement must be carried out is to catch up the budget absorption due to it’s already March 2023. So we do not have much time to postpone it.

Hamka, the expert staff of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Indonesia realize that this replacement has already passed the selection such as administration stage would undergo second stage managerial competency and track record tests.
According to Hamka, this replacement  will take time due to the good governance

In his remarks, Hamka also hoped that officials can give the best result  through optimal performance by providing the best service to the community in Gorontalo.

The Governor handed over the Decree Number

On that occasion accompanying Governor there are  the provincial secretary Sukri J Botutihe, the Chairwoman of the provincial Family Welfare Programme  (PKK) drg. Gamaria Purnamawati Monoarfa,

HR assessor Darda Daraba and other provincial working unit’s head.

Reporter : Echin/Nova

Translated by : Fera



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