GORR to Begin Operation in The End of 2018

GORONTALO – The Gorontalo Outer Ring Road that connects 4 regencies at once such as Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo City, Bone Bolango Regency and Gorontalo Utara Regency is expected to be finished in the end of 2018. Rusli Habibie, Governor of Gorontalo Province arrived from his working visit to Jakarta review at firsthand the development progress of GORR on Friday (3/11)

From the observation an overlay of asphalt pavement is applied to these existing roads. The length of the segment I is 15 kilometers (passing in the Sub-District Tibawa, Gorontalo Regency) and segment II which is 11 kilometers long (passing in the Sub-District Tapa, Bone Bolango Regency). Some have not been connected between segment 1 and segment II due to rough condition and the bridge construction keeps going forward in that location.

The Governor has set a target to have this megaproject completed by 2018, by encouraging Department of Road and contractors to finish it, so the access to the main road, Gorontalo City can be accelerated.

the bridge construction of GORR keeps going forward in Sub-District Tibawa, Gorontalo Regency.

In addition, the Governor added, by the end of 2018 GORR must be completed due to GORR project had cost IDR 1 trillion.

Rusli went on to say that he was delegating task intensively. Provincial government will take a role on matter land acquisition in segment III, 19 kilometers long, segment III construction has a target in the early of 2018 must be finished.

“New year more bridges will be built (costing IDR 300 billion) from the state budget, ” The Governor said. According to the Governor, construction is projected by Department of Road and for the land acquisition is local government’ domain.

Rusli also said that the GORR project change the route, which according to the earlier plan was supposed to be 45 kilometers long and will be end at Gorontalo Port. After the change, the route will be passed to the left (sub-district Atinggola, Gorontalo Utara Regency) due to along the way to sub-district Tapa, Bone Bolango Regency is (segmen III).

Meanwhile, route from sub-district Tapa to thr right which is planned to pass Gorontalo Port will be change towards sub-district Botupingge, passing the Bone coast, Bone Bolango Regency, adjoining regions to the southern North Sulawesi.

The Governor mentioned that in the early 2018 will be planned a new route (Tapa-Atinggola) and firstly, preliminary studies undertaken in the very early stage of the project (feasibility studies), detail engineering design and AMDAL studies (Environmental Impact Assesment).

Reporter/editor : Isam

Photo : Salman

Translator  : Fera

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