Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie Inaugurated virtually 71 Provincial Government Officials

The details are 2 High-ranking officials (echelon II), 30 Administrator Officials (echelon III) and 39 Supervisory Officials (echelon IV). In order to follow the health protocol of Covid-19, this inauguration was held virtually.

“This inauguration means new resposibility. For example, the position of the assistant of Governor for some affairs . The duty is not only accompanying the Governor, the Vice Governor, and the Provincial Secretary. Based on the Amendement Regulation, the duty includes giving advices, critics, datas, informations to the Governor, the Vice Governor and the Provincial Secretary.”

The two period Governor, Rusli Habibie added this official positions are Allah’s willing. Therefore, do not do any fladuent way to get the official position, such as slandering and accusing each other.

“To whoever wants the official positions, please do not come to me to report and accuse someone. Making a whatsapp group just to spread vilifications and hoax informations. Those are pointless things for the official position. Therefore, please (stop), slander is very pervasive”, he urged.

Rusli also hoped to all the officials who had been inaugurated could continue to do their best, because they were still given the trust to work within the Provincial Admistration.

“I wish you a good luck on your career. Because i always emphasized we are one, from the Governor to the Cleaning Services, we have one purpose. That is only about how Gorontalo can be developed and residents can be prosperous. That is our only wish”, he ended.

Reporter : Echin
Translated by : Pia/Billy
Editor : Fera Katili

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