Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie Calls For Public Support to Prevent Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Photo : Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie accompanied by the Provincial Secretary, Darda Daraba and a number of the Provincial Working Unit’s Head when giving a press statement at the Governor Residence, Monday (12/7/2021). Rusli asked for the public support to obey health protocols to prevent a surge in Covid-19 patients in Gorontalo. (Photo: Haris – Kominfo

GORONTALO CITY, kominfo- Governor Rusli Habibie admitted being eery with the covid 19 patients surge among Jakarta and Java island. He hope this case will not happen in Gorontalo and gives bad impact to the public.

“I beg of all stakeholders to get involved in fighting against covid 19. Especially the cooperation from the Gorontalo people. If there is no need requiring to go out, pleass just stay at home. Stop hanging out at cafe without wearing mask and sitting close to each other.” Rusli conveyed in the middle of a press conference, Monday (12/7/2021)

Governor stated that the delta variant of Covid 19 was confirmed had affected one of the Gorontalo people since April 2021.

Governor told a story about his friend, a council man in DPR RI got refused by eight hospitals because the hospitals were full. How the mother in law of his nephew should wait to 18 hours to be buried with health protocols of covid-19

“This is what we have been concerning. This case could happen in Gorontalo when the Governments do nothing, the staffs do nothing and dont get the cooperation from the public. Whatever we do, if it’s not being supported and obeyed even being fought against, it doesnt impossible for this case to be happened”

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In Gorontalo, the medical staffs and medical facilities are limited. There are only two hospitals for covid -19 with 160 bedrooms capasity. Tens of Emergency ventilators for Covid-19 and 2 Lung doctors (Pulmonologist).

“Imagine if this case happens in Gorontalo. Previously in Riau islands, their Governor, is a friend of mine, positive confirmed covid 19. This virus is indiscriminately ” Rusli added.

Provincial, city and regencies Administration and FORKOPIMDA also has taken some action to anticipate the covid-19 patients surge such as resctrictring the air and sea entrance to Gorontalo.

Every passengers who has been arrived in Gorontalo at the airport and the harbor should do Antigen Test. Those who are reactive with no symptoms must be quarantined at the Hajj hostel in Gorontalo while waiting for the RT-PCR Swab Test result. Those who are symptomatic are immediately isolated at Ainun Hospital.

The Governor Rusli has also visited oxygen producer PT Anenka Gas Industri (AGI) in West Limboto District. They were asked to prepare for the production of oxygen five times more than the highest monthly requirement if something bad happened at any time.

Hospitals in districts and cities were also being observed for their readiness to accommodate patients of covid-19. Each local government is demanded to have plans A and B with all the worst possibilities.

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On the other hand, Regents and Mayor were urged to be more discipline in implementing the regional micro PPMKM.
The operating hours of the amusement places, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes above 9 PM . Especially if those disobeyed the health protocols will be get sanctions.

Reporter : Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili


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