Gorontalo Be The Host of Southeast Asia Tasawuf (Sufism) Cadre

GORONTALO – The Vice Governor, H. Idris Rahim opened Tauhid Tasawuf (Sufism) cadre is being hosted in Gorontalo Province. This event was organized by The Council of Tauhid Tasawuf Research Study (MPTT) and Al Huda Islamic Boarding School in Gorontalo City. Vice Governor, H. Idris Rahim opened this event in Baiturrahim Great Mosque, Gorontalo City, Tuesday (14/11).

There were 350 participants attended the event that was held, mainly, they were from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Philippine, Camboja, Indonesia and Moslem people from all over Gorontalo Province.

“So fabulous, so many moslem people were attending this religious event, God is Greater,” Vice Governor screamed, followed by all participants.

Idris told l, Moslem make up a majority of the population in Gorontalo Province and Gorontalo also was known as “The Land Under Medina’s Porch” that has a tradition rooted in the Sharia rooted in Quran. In enlivening this religious event, Provincial Administration stated 8 leading sectors where culture and religious sector is the only one that should be enlivened.

“We keep doing efforts to make religious life more enlivening due to peace and order in Gorontalo. Thus the development will run well, so it will enhance society welfare, ” Vice Governor expressed.

Meanwhile, The Head of Tauhid Tasawuf Research Study Council, Faiz Mahmud in his word said that the purpose of this event are to cadreing the moslem leader as a successors of the Prophet Muhammad.

He added by this cadreing we do hope it will inculcate “budaya cinta ilmu, muzakarah, musyawarah” in many aspects in lifThis cadreing event will be held in 3 days starting frim 14-16 November 2017. There will be Tauziah, Zikir, Dua and Salah on that event activities. Gorontalo Mayor , Marten Taha also attended the event, the Chairman of MPTT (Majelis Pengkaderan Tauhid Tasawuf) , Abuya Syeik Haji Amran Waly Al – Khalidi, all Shaikh, Tuan Guru from ASEAN countries and Head of Provincial Offices.

Reporter/editor : Haris
Photographer : Haris

Translator by : Fera

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