ASN Diskominfotik Attended to the Morning Ceremony After Eid

Head of the Provincial Communication Informatics and Statistic’s Agency, Masran Rauf, when giving directions to the first morning ceremony after Eid at the Office on Monday (17/5/2021). A Total of 89 ASNs were present at the event. (Photo: Haris – Diskominfo).

BONE BOLANGO REGENCY Kominfo – The Civil Apparatus (ASN) of the Gorontalo Province at Communication, Informatics and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) were present at the morning ceremony after Eid, Monday (17/5/2021). A total of 36 civil servants and 53 PTT (honorary employees) attended the morning ceremony led by the Head of the Provincial Communication, Informatics and Statistics”s Agency, Masran Rauf.

First day attendance is very important because it becomes the attention of the central government.

they are ready to be sanctioned by government regulation PP 53/2010 concerning Civil Servant Discipline,  if were found ASN still going home to their hometown

“ I see my staffs here are obeying the rules. Since half past eight have arrived to the office. I express my gratitude and appreciation for this”, Masran expressed.

Masran, The former Head of the Provincial Public Relations and Protocol Bureau

assessed the performance of his ranks during the month of Ramadhan were going well. Loyalty, performance and dedication of the apparatus run well

I also on behalf of myself and my family in this Eid atmosphere wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr and hope that the mplementation of morning ceremony must be followed by friendship between employees. All of them forgive each other with an atmosphere full of intimacy and kinship

Reporter: Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili

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