Acting Governor Initiatives to Enhance Infrastructure in Pohuwato Regency 

Acting governor Ismail Pakaya do the working visit to Paguat port, Pohuwato regency oj wrdnesday. (24/5/2023). (Photo by : Nova)

Pohuwato Regency, Kominfotik –  Pohuwato regency administration welcomed the acting governor’s initial working visit. On that occasion there was also vice-regent of Pohuwato regency Suharsi Igirisa accompanying governor to do road infrastructure monitoring in Pohuwato regency. (24/5/2023).

Governor conveyed that the Duhiadaa road since last year has become a national road, previously it was a provincial road. According to the report from Balai Jalan this year, there is a budget of Rp. 1.5 billion for the maintenance of this road.

Governor also added that his rank together with Pohuwato regency administration keep doing effort to get an additional budget so that the Duhiadaa road can be totally handled.

After visiting Marisa Sports Arena, acting governor and his rank also visited Paguat port related to the expansion of pier construction.


Head of the Paguat port delivered that the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia cannot repair or do the construction at this pier due to the land still belongs to the Pohuwato regency administration. It can be solved if the land is handed-over to the ministry of transportation so the Paguat port can be repaired.


Reporter : Nova/Haris

Translated by : Fera Katili

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